Railway station, Lime Street

August 4, 1836
The Public are informed that the new railway station, in Lime Street, will be opened for business on Monday, August 15, when and after which date, the new station will be used for the departure and the arrival of the railway coach trains, instead of the station in Crown Street, which will then be discontinued.

Places may be booked for the different trains either at the new station in Lime Street, or at the new station, Edge Hill, at the top of the new tunnel, where passengers will be taken up or set down, subject to the regulations of the Company.

The coach-office in Dale Street will cease to be a booking office for passengers, but parcels will continue to be received and delivered there, as usual, till further notice.

The following regulations, which have been framed with a view to the public accommodation, must be strictly adhered to:

For departures:
Coaches and cars with passengers and heavy luggage must drive in at the north gateway, (nearest London Road,) and having set down their passengers must depart immediately.

Passengers in coaches and cars, without luggage or with light packages which they can conveniently carry through the booking-offices without the assistance of porters, are requested to set down at the office doors in Lime Street.

Passengers on foot cannot be admitted through the carriage gateway, and no omnibus will be admitted through the gateway without the special license of the directors, and subject to such regulations as they may impose.

The gateway and office doors for the admission of passengers will be closed precisely at the several specified times of departure, and no person can be admitted afterwards for that train.

Gentlemen carriages intended to be conveyed by the trains are required to be in the yard ten minutes before the time of departure.

Carriage horses accompanying carriages to be conveyed by the trains, will be received at the station in Lime Street. All other horses must be taken up and set down at the Edge Hill station, at the top of the new tunnel.

Carriages to be conveyed with the trains will also be received at the Edge Hill station; and both horses and carriages are required to be at the said station ten minutes before the hour of departure from Lime Street.

The gates of the station at Edge Hill will be closed five minutes after the hours of departure from Lime Street, and no passengers can be admitted to book after time. Passengers having previously taken their places and producing their tickets, will be admitted till the train departs.

For arrivals.
Persons arriving from Manchester will leave the Lime Street station by the south gateway, nearest Ranelagh Place, or till that gateway be completed, by a temporary gateway at the corner of Gloucester Street.

Coaches and cars specially licensed by the company, and subject to their regulations, will be admitted into the yard to wait the arrival of the trains. But no carriage for hire can be admitted unless so licensed – and the owners of coaches and cars desirous to attend the arrivals must make application at the railway office for a license for that purpose.

The following will be the times of departure from Lime Street station, Liverpool, as they are at present from Crown Street:

First class:
7 o’clock; 10 o’clock; 2 o’clock; 5 o’clock; and 7 o’clock.
Second class:
7½ o’clock; 10½ o’clock; 12 o’clock; 3 o’clock; 5½ o’clock; and 7 o’clock.
(Source: Gore’s Liverpool General Advertiser: August 4, 1836)


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