Sale of land at Anfield

May 7, 1852
To BUILDERS and CAPITALISTS – Eligible FREEHOLD LAND, at Walton-breck, near Cabbage-hall.
On Monday, the 24th instant, at One o’clock in the afternoon, at the Clarendon-rooms, South John-street, in the following or such other lots as may be agreed upon at the time of sale, and subject to conditions to be then produced.

Lot 1. All that Excellent VILLA RESIDENCE, situate in ‘lot 2,’ and called “Spring Park Villa,” containing entrance-hall, dining and drawing rooms, breakfast-parlour, kitchen, butler’s pantry, scullery, larder, excellent cellaring, five bedrooms, two dressing-rooms, closets, bathroom, with hot and cold water throughout the house. There is a large productive garden attached; and the whole is now in the occupation of W.K. Tyrer, Esq.

Lot 2. All that FIELD or Close of LAND, situate on the west side of the Walton-breck-road, near to Cabbage-hall, and known by the name of “The Oak Field,” together with the right of a private road than runs into Breck-road, the wjole containing seven acres , statue measure, more or less.

Lot 3. All that other Field or Close of LAND, situate on the west side of Walton-breck-road, and known by the name of the “Angle Close,” and measuring two statute acres, more or less.

Lot 4. All that Field or Close of LAND, situate on the east side of Walton-breck-road, and west side of Anfield-lane, being of an angular form, and known by the name of the “Front Field,” containing 1a, 3r, 14p. statute measure, more or less.

The tenure of the whole is freehld of inheritance.

The above property comprises some of the most eligible sites for villa residences in the vicinity of Liverpool; it abounds with excellent stone – is situate without the parliamentary boundary, and within two miles and a half of the Exchange.

For further particulars apply to Messrs. Tristram, 53, Dale-street; or to the broker, 1, North John-street, Liverpool.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: May 7, 1852)

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