Holy Trinity Church, Walton Breck

December 31, 1853
To the editor of the Liverpool Mail.
Sir, – A large proportion of the congregation of this church, after service in the morning and evening, retire by the lane leading to and along the Breck-road; and, on their way, regularly meet a portion of another congregation coming from the direction of the town towards the Breck.

Our members walk very deliberately along, and form a condensed mass, walking three and four abreast, so that the ladies and gentlemen of the other congregation are under the necessity of quitting the footwalk entirely, and walking along the cartway; for be it understood, our members give not the slightest way, or afford their neighbours the smallest accommodation.

Last Sunday evening a lady and gentleman were placed in this predicament, and, having passed the press arm-in-arm, were about resuming their position on the footwalk, when, owing to a slip, or stumbling, they both fell forward upon their hands and knees with considerable force, and, I fear, must have been much hurt, or, at all events, very much shaken.

Surely our friends must be very thoughtless, or very ill bred, or they would never so far neglect their duty to their neighbour. Let me recommend them, one and all, never for the future to walk more than two abreast, and always to keep the right hand to the wall, and generally to do as they themselves would desire to be done to by others. – ONE OF THE CONGREGATION.
(Source: Liverpool Mail: December 31, 1853)

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