Advertisement: Land at Anfield for sale

February 29, 1856
Valuable Freehold and Leasehold PROPERTY, near the Custom House, Liverpool, and Freehold LAND, at Anfield, near Liverpool.

By Mr. Thomas Branch,
On Wednesday, the 19th o March next, at One o’clock, at the Clarendon Rooms, subject to conditions applicable to each lot as shall then be produced.

Lot 1. All that Freehold Piece of Parcel of LAND, on the west side of Prince-street, in Liverpool, aforesaid, with the WAREHOUSE, No. 12, thereon erected, containing in front to Price-street about 11 yards, together with Three DWELLING HOUSES at the back thereof, in front to Lower Frederick-street, numbered respectively 5, 7, and 9, being in front thereto 15 yards, and containing in the whole 28 ½ yards of land, or thereabouts.

Lot 2. All that Leasehold Piece or Parcel of LAND, on the west side of Prince-street aforesaid, adjoining the above lot on the side thereof; together with the TWO SHOPS, Nos. 14 and 16, thereon erected, containing in front to Prince-street about 11 yards; and also the DWELLING HOUSE, no. 11, in Lower Frederick-street, containing 9 yards to the front thereof, and adjoining the dwelling house No. 9, in Lot 1. This lot is leasehold under the corporation of Liverpool for 75 years from the present time, and contains in the whole 234 ½ square yards or thereabouts.

Lot 3. Ten Acres Freehold LAND, on the south side of Anfield-rad, and partly opposite St. Ann’s-hill This lot comprises two fields in the township of Walton, and is admirably adapted for building purposes. Gas and water pipes are laid down in Anfield-road.
The property may be viewed, plans seen, and particulars had on application to Mr. R.A. Payne, solicitor, Harrington-street, Liverpool.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: February 29, 1856)

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