A football match in Breck Road

November 25, 1857
Athletic games revived – Collegiate institution
For some time the boys of the upper school have had a cricket club, which, during the winter months, has merged into a football club, presided over by their principal, the Rev. J.S. Howson, and their esteemed master, the Rev. C.W. Underwood. The skill of this club has often been witnessed by the pedestrians through Hall-lane, Low-hill.

Last Wednesday, the first game of football was played by the recently formed lower school club, in a spacious field in Breck-road, the use of which had been most generously given them by Mr. J. Longton, Esq., of Richmond-terrace, and the Messrs. Malone of Salisbury-street.

Their head-master (J. Michod, Esq.), Richard Boyne, Esq., W. Alderson (the school porter), and a selection of boys being on one side; the Rev. H. Evans (mathematical master), G. O’Hara, Esq., Mr. R. Brakell (assistant secretary), and another portion of the boys being on the other side.

The game commenced by the head-boy, Robert McDowall. A splendid contest ensued, in which much energy of character and generosity of sport were displayed. We heartily wish success to these endeavours of our modern instructors, not only to educate the boy classically and mathematically, but also physically; for we feel sure that no boys will perform their tasks less carefully, or work at school less energetically, for having their muscular powers brought into play, and their tempers tested, in a few scuffles and kicks, on their Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, especially when their instructors are with them, and, by their example, showing them how, rationally and beneficially, to enjoy relaxation from study.
(Source: Liverpool Daily Post: November 28, 1857)

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  1. Kjell, thats brilliant. On such a big day for football in Liverpool you uncover what is (?) the earliest recorded example of football being played in this city. I tip my hat to you sir. Thanks. Peter

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