Soldiers playing football in Walton Breck

June 13, 1861
The 69th Lancashire Rifle Volunteers
Last evening the members of this crops were hospitably entertained at the residence of W.K. Tyrer, Esq., Heatherly, Walton-breck.

The volunteers assembled near the church at Cabbage-hall, under the command of Captain Tristram. The other officers present were Lieutenant Archer and Ensign Proctor, Adjutant Holden, of the first battalion, was also in attendance.

The members of the 69th corps having formed, they marched, hea’ed by the excellent band of the 1st Lane hire, to Mr. Tyrer’s residence.

In a spacious field at the rear of the house the men were put through a variety of exercises under the direction of Adjutant Holden and Captain Tristram.

The movements consisted of marching in quick and double time, company drill, and light infantry firing, after which the men advanced in review order and gave a double salute.

The drill being concluded, some of the members of the corps engaged in racing, football, and other athletic sports.

Ample refreshments, consisting of cold beef, bread and cheese, &c., with the addition of excellent ale, were dispensed under the direction of Mr. Tyrer and the parties connected with his household.

A large number of persons from the neighbourhood were admitted to the ground as spectators.

Before leaving, the men were drawn up in order, when Captain Tristram, on behalf of the corps, thanked their host, Mr. Tyrer, for his kind and liberal treatment, expressing the best wishes towards that gentleman and his family.

Mr. Tyrer acknowledged the compliment, and humorously remarked that he hoped the volunteers might never be called upon in connection with the service of their country to do more than fire blank cartridge or make an assault upon a round of beef.

The volunteers, headed by the band, then retired, and marched to the storehouse, where they separated, all being much gratified with their festivity and his kindness exhibited towards them by Mr. Tyrer.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: June 14, 1861)

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