The Football Association (The Third Meeting)

November 24, 1863
A special meeting of the representative club members of this association was held at the Freemasons’ Tavern, Great Queen-street, Lincoln’s Inn-fields, to settle the laws of the association (which have already occupied two meetings of discussion), and for the transaction of other business.

The following numerous list of members will indicate the interest taken in the business on the agenda: – Messrs. W.C. Morley and Thos. D. Gregory, Barnes; F.M. Campbell and J.W. Cooper, Blackheath; A. Pember and G. Lawson, N.N. Kilburn; J.F. Alcock and A.W. Mackenzie, Forest, Leytonstone; Jas. Turner and Theodore Lloyd, jun, Crystal Palace; J.A. Redgrave and R.B. Powell, Kensington School; A.C. Tawke and G.W. Shillingford, Percival House, Blackheath; G.O. Wawn, War Office; W.H. Gordon and Thos P. Fox, Blackheath Proprietary School; F.H.G. Cruikshank and A.E. Daltry, Wimbledon School.

The minutes of the last meeting having been read, confirmed, and signed, the Hon. Secretary read the following communications which he had received: –

1863 3rd meeting 1 1863 3rd meeting 2 1863 3rd meeting 3 1863 3rd meeting 4 1863 3rd meeting 5 1863 3rd meeting 6 1863 3rd meeting 7 1863 3rd meeting 8 1863 3rd meeting 9(Source: Bell’s Life and Sporting Chronicle: November 28, 1863)

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