The Forest Football Club adapts the FA rules

December 12, 1863
The return match between these clubs came off on Saturday, December 12, at Leytonstone, the ground of the Forest Club. Fifteen on a side were to have played, but owing to accidental circumstances the Barnes collected only thirteen, while but twelve met for the Forest.

Play commenced at about a quarter to three, the Forest Club winning the toss for goals. The game was a very spirited one, and after about an hour’s hard play the Forest Club obtained a goal. This was the only one got during the game, and thus victory rested with the Forest Football Club.

The Barnes men played a good game, and strove hard to obtain a goal, but without success. There was some talk about the rules upon one or two occasions, and we regret to say some little temper displayed.

This shows the good of the new rules drawn up by the Football Association, for when they have come into universal use, games can be played without dispute.

We have much pleasure in stating that the Forest Club have resolved:
“That the rules of the Football Association be the rules of this club, and be used on all occasions with the exception of such matches as are already arranged.”
(Source: Bell’s Life in London and Sporting Chronicle: December 19, 1863)

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