The FA: Testing the regulations

January 2, 1864
The members of the Football Association put their new regulations to a practical test by meeting on the 2nd inst. In Battersea Park, and playing a pleasant game, fourteen on each side. The weather was bitterly cold, but healthy, and the contest exciting considerable interest there was a very respectable muster of “cognoscenti” and others who wished to see the game.

The new rules worked in the most satisfactory manner.

The sides were chosen by the Messrs. Alcock, and were distinguishable as the President’s and Secretary’s, and included the following: – Messrs. J.F. Alcock, Ebenezer Cobb Morley, C.M. Tebbutt, C. Hewett, G.T. Wawn, J.P. Phillips, Innes, McCalmont, Needham, H. Baker, A. Baker, Lloyd, Hughes, Jackson, Charles William Alcock, A. Pember, H.W. Chambers, A.M. Tebbutt, Gray, Drew, Graham, Cutbill, Morton, J. Turner, Morris, Renshaw, Leuchars, and Scott.

The game commenced shortly after half-past two, and some very spirited play ensued, which only concluded when twilight was far advanced, and resulted in the President’s side obtaining two goals. The players afterwards dined and spent the evening together at the Grosvenor Hotel, Pimlico.
(Oxford Times: January 16, 1864)

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