A site for a park and a sight for the people

October 6, 1864
(To the editors of the Liverpool Mercury).
Gentlemen, – There are 170 statute acres of available land situated in Everton, bounded on the south by Breckfield-road North on the west by Sleepers’ Hill, the north by Anfield-road, the east by St. Domingo-vale, on which plot stand about a dozen houses – three by the pit and a cottage in Walton Breck-lane, which lane I would have blocked up. Besides these named there are about half a dozen houses erected and partly erected abutting on the last-named lane. Now these, with Councillor Tate’s house at Rockfield Mill-bank, would form one of the most suitable situations that possibly could be. Away towards Mr. Naylor’s property is too far off for south Everton and other districts, for whose benefit the park is required.

The Zoological estate is on sale at last. I see, at 10s. 6d. per yard – same price as Mere House property was first fixed upon by the purchaser whose ideas have moved down a little since finding he cannot get on with selling it in lots. By-the-bye, how about the pit? It is nearly full of the stones forming the wall around it, wantonly thrown in by the friends of the police. Are they to remain in, or how?

If the Zoological Gardens should be taken for a park, it could easily be connected with the Sheil Park by extending it across the clay pit fields at the back of the gardens. Let the surveyor and his staff give a look at it and report accordingly. – Yours, &c., Parterrs.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: October 6, 1864)

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