Marriage festivities at Walton Breck

March 21, 1866
Yesterday was a gala day at Walton Breck and Anfield. From an early hour there was much bustle and commotion in the ordinarily quiet byroads and lanes of the locality; flags, banners, and evergreens were displayed at different points near the church.

In fact, the whole place wore a holiday aspect, and it was evident that some event of an usually interesting character was on the tapis. The cause of these rejoicings was the marriage of James Clifton Brown, Esq., of Richmond-hill, grandson of the late Sir William Brown, Bart, to Amelia, daughter of Charles Rowe, Esq., Anfield.

It having been intimated that the marriage was to be celebrated at Holy Trinity Church, Walton Breck, that edifice became the centre of attraction, and was soon filled by persons anxious to witness the interesting ceremony.

The bride and her friends left her father’s residence about half-past-eleven, and the bridegroom and his “groomsmen” having started from Richmond-hill about the same time, the marriage cortege arrived at the church a little before twelve o’clock.

A neat awning was erected from the gate to the porch of the church, the pathway being carpeted with crimson cloth. The fair bride was attended by the following young ladies as bridesmaids: – Miss Rowe, Miss J. Williamson, Miss Jessie Rowe, Miss M. Rowe, Miss A . Rodgers, and Miss Mountstevens.

The bride wore a white satin dress, Brussels lace veil, opal and diamond ornaments, and orange flowers. The bridesmaids were attired in white tarlatan dresses, trimmed with blue, and wore tulle veils.

The following gentlemen were the groomsmen: – Messrs. A.H. Brown, C.J. Rowe, C. Pfeiffer, Leadley Brown, W. Mellor, and W. Nixon. The bridal party having assembled at the communion rails, the marriage ceremony was performed by the Rev. Holland Lomas, the incumbent, assisted by the Rev. Benjamin Hill, the bridge being “given away” by her father, Mr. Charles Rowe.

At the conclusion of the services, the party proceeded to Mr. Rowe’s residence, where a sumptuous wedding breakfast had been prepared. At this banquet the friends of both families met, and many kind wishes were expressed for the welfare of the happy couple.

A guard of hour of the 1st L.A.V., of which corps Mr. J.C. Brown is Lieutenant-Colonel, was formed at the church under the command of Major Heyn.

The children attending the Walton Breck Schools were entertained to suitable fare by Mr. Charles Rowe.
(Liverpool Mercury: March 22, 1866)

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