The Football Association: The annual meeting of 1869

February 26, 1869
The seventh annual meeting of the association was held yesterday (Friday) evening at the Freemasons’ Tavern, Great Queen-street, Lincoln’s Inn-fields, when the following propositions for alterations in the rules were taken into consideration: –

Mr. Allport, on behalf of the Crystal Palace Club, proposed that the goal posts should in future be placed at a distance of twelve instead of eight yards apart as at present, but after an animated discussion, the motion was lost by a large majority.

He, however, carried the next alteration he had to propose, and the definition of terms No. 2 in Law 8 was expunged from the book of rules.

Mr. Alexander, of the Upton Park Club, moved the last propositions, viz., that the words “nor charge him from behind” be added to Rule 9, which forbids tripping and pushing, and after some general comments, this addition was made.

Mr. Ebenezer Cobb Morley was re-elected president, and Mr. Graham secretary and treasurer.

No alterations was made in the committee of last year, who were all re-elected.
(Source: Sporting Life: February 27, 1869)

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