Wanderers’ Club: fixture list 1869-70

September 1, 1869
The following matches are already arranged by this powerful club: –

25. – At Clapham Common, v. Clapham Rovers.

2. – At Clapham Common, v C.C.C.
9. – At the Oval, v. West Kent.
23. – At the Oval, v. Old Etonians.
30. – At Woodford, v. Forest Club.

6. – At the Oval, v. Upton Park.
9. – At Walthamstow, v. Forest School.
10. – At Charterhouse, v. Charterhouse School.
11. – At Clapham, v. Hitchin.
13. – At Harrow, v. Harrow School.
20. – At the Oval, v. Gitanos.
27. – At Crystal Palace, v Crystal Palace.

14. – At Walthamstow, v. Forest School (return).

15. – At the Oval, v. Gitanos (return).

5. – At Harrow, v. Harrow School (return).
12. – At Crystal Palace, v. Crystal Palace (return).
19. – At Chislehurst, v. West Kent (return).
23. – At Charterhouse, v. Charterhouse School (return).
26. – At Woodford, v. Forest Club (return).

5. – At Clapham Common, v. Clapham Rovers (return).
12. – At Upton Park, v. Upton Park (return).
26. – At Clapham Common, v. C.C.C. (return).
(Sport: Sporting Life: September 1, 1869)

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