Opening of Stanley Park – Letter to institutions

Wednesday, May 11 – 1870
The following circular has been sent to the Blue-coat School and ten different hospital and orphan institutions in the town: –

“Town-clerk’s Office, Liverpool, May 11.
“Dear Sir, – I beg to inform you that Stanley Park, at the north end of the town, will be formally opened by the Worshipful the Mayor on Saturday afternoon next, the 15th instant, at four o’clock.

“To make the opening ceremony more attractive, it is thought desirable that the inhabitants should co-operate with the authorities; and I am desired to express a hope that you will kindly permit the children of your institution, accompanied by their band, to be present.

“They will be admitted to the park by the gates from Walton-lane and Mere-lane on arrival, and before the advertised time of opening, so as to prevent confusion.

“Requesting the favour of an immediate reply, stating how many children may be expected, – I am, yours truly.
“Joseph Rayner, Town-clerk.”

The corporation and their invited guests will lunch at the Town-hall about two o’clock, and thence accompany the Mayor in carriages to the south-west entrance of the park from Walton-lane, which will be kept solely for the Corporation, where they will be met by the band of the police force, and escorted to the central shelter-house.

The other gates will be opened to the public some time before his worship’s arrival; and the bands and children of the different charitable institutions will be marshalled by Major Greig in various parts of the park.
(Liverpool Daily Post, 12-05-1870)

Advertisement from the Liverpool Daily Post, Saturday, May 14 – 1870.
Stanley Park

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