England v Scotland 1-1 (Unofficial friendly: February 25, 1871)

February 25, 1871
International: Friendly, at Kennington Oval, kick-off: 15:30.
England – Scotland 1-1 (1-1).
Attendance: 500.
Referee: Mr. Charles Tebbut (Wanderers); umpires: Messrs.: Robert Barker (Hertfordshire Rangers) and William Wallace (Wanderers).
England (1-1-8): Morton Peto Betts (West Kent), Charles Stephenson (Westminster School), Edgar Lubbock (West Kent), Charles William Alcock (Captain, Harrow Pilgrims), Alfred Baker (Wanderers), William Butler (Civil Service), John Cockerell (Brixton), William Crake (Barnes), Thomas Hooman (Wanderers), Walpole Vidal (Westminster), Robert Sandilands Walker (Clapham Rovers).
Scotland (1-1-8): Arthur Kinnaird (Captain, Wanderers), Frederick Chappell (Oxford University), William Gladstone (Old Etonians), Quintin Hogg (Wanderers), John Inglis (Charterhouse School), James Kirkpatrick (Civil Service), William Lindsay (Old Wykehamists), Charles Nepean (University College Oxon), Arnold Kirke-Smith (University College Oxon), Robert Smith (Queens Park), Gilbert Primrose (Civil Service).
The goal: 0-1 Nepean (20 min.), 1-1 Walker (30 min.).


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