Treat to the Bluecoat Boys

Thursday, June 22 – 1871
Yesterday afternoon, the boys belonging to the Bluecoat Hospital, to the number of about 230, were entertained by the members of the Everton Cricket Club, at their cricket ground, in Walton Breck-road.

Unfortunately, the unpropitious state of the weather marred o some extent the enjoyment of the festivity. The treat was organised under the direction of the club, comprising the Rev. Mr. Cookson, Messrs. Walkden, Maddox, Heyes, and Houlding.

The boys arrived on the ground, accompanied by Mr. T. Haughton, the master of the institution, early in the afternoon. They had with them their band, and, after playing several pieces, engaged, so far as the weather permitted, in various sports which had been organised  for their amusement. These consisted of cricket, foot races, jumping, and other athletic sports. There was also a special cricket match played between eleven of the Everton Cricket Club and 22 boys and masters of the school. The game excited considerable interest; and one of the Blues, John Cullen, who distinguished himself in the contest by scoring 24, was borne over the ground on the shoulders of his companions. The result of the match, which was won by the club, will be found amongst our returns of cricketing.

The juvenile party were amply provided during their visit with substantial refreshments, consisting of buns and milk, this department being efficiently superintended by Mr. John Houlding and Mr. A. Stone. The members of the club did everything in heir power to gratify their juvenile guests, and the entertainment, allowing for the adverse state of the weather, passed off satisfactorily.

Before leaving the ground, the boys, in a most demonstrative manner, acknowledged the kindness of the gentlemen to whom they were indebted for their festivity. The party returned to the institution early in the evening, highly gratified with their treat.
(Liverpool Mercury, 23-06-1871)

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