The election of Guardians

Wednesday, April 7 – 1875
It appears that Constitutional and Working Men’s Conservative Association have other duties to discharge than those connected with parliamentary or municipal elections, and that they do not consider it out of place t interest themselves politically in the various local matters which transpire in the several districts in which they have been established.

Hence we find that in the townships of Everton and West Derby the respective branches of the Constitutional Association are seeking to place upon the board of guardians for the West Derby Union their class nominees, chiefly because they are Conservatives, to the exclusion of men having as large a stake in the interests of the townships as their opponents, and quite as fully qualified to administer parochial affairs. To this course of proceeding Mr. Edward Whitley and Mr. Neep, as representing the Everton Working Men’s Association, are lending the influence of their names, which are appended to s a small handbill circulated through the township of Everton, and recommending the ratepayers to elect the five gentlemen whose names are given on the bill, namely:

Mr. Charles Tyrer, coachbuilder, of Hughes-street;
Mr. John Houlding, brewer, 34, Tyenmouth-street;
Mr. J.F. Smith, warehouse-owner, Walton-road, Kirkdale;
Mr. E. Dutch, quarry proprietor, St. Domingo-grove;
Mr. James Johnson, cart-owner, 14, Great Mersey-street.

We are not aware that any of these gentlemen possess special qualifications for the office of guardians, but Mr. Whitley and Mr. Neep seek to foist them upon the township, to he exclusion of Mr. Evan Roberts, of Burleigh-street, gentleman; Mr. Thos. Warhurst, chemist, Great Homer-street; Mr. Jas. Chas. Broadbent, Everton Village, physician, who are all Liberal.

A similar interference is going on in West Derby, where seven names have been recommended by the Conservative Association, three being those of gentlemen who have had no experience whatever as guardians, and who are seeking to supplant men thoroughly conversant with the duties of the board, and in all respects competent to watch over the interest of the most important union in the kingdom.
(Liverpool Mercury, 07-04-1875)

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