Wales v Scotland

March 4, 1876
The forthcoming Football Match between picked representatives of Wales and Scotland is looked forward to with considerable interest by all lovers of the noble game throughout the Principality. It has now been definitely fixed to come off on the 25th inst., at Glasgow.

Trial matches of the representation of Wales are taking place every week on the race-course at Wrexham. The crowds of spectators which assemble to witness these matches shew the keen interest which is felt by all classes in the forthcoming contest. The rules by which the match will be played will be those of the Football Association of England.

The number in each team will be eleven, and those who will be finally elected to represent Wales must either be natives or have so qualified themselves by a residence of not less than three years. As it is desirable to elect the very best possible representatives all intending competitors are requested to send in their names at the earliest opportunity to the honorary secretary of the Football Association of Wales, Ruabon, from whom all further particulars concerning the conditions of the match, and the necessary qualifications can be obtained.

It is the intention of the Scotch team to play a return match in some central town in the Principality during the season of 1877.
(The Cardiff Times: March 4, 1876)


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