Lancashire v North Wales 1-1 (Inter County: January 4, 1879)

January 4, 1879
Match: Inter County, at Over Darwen, kick-off: 15:20.
Lancashire – North Wales 1-1 (0-0), played over 2 x 30 mins.
Attendance: 1,500.
Referee: Mr. R. Green (North End, Bolton); umpires: Messrs. W.T. Walsh (Darwen) and C.H. Lloyd (Wales F.A.).
Lancashire FA (2-2-6): N.W. Green (St. Mark’s, Blackburn), Fergie Suter (Darwen), D.H. Greenwood (Blackburn); C. Tootell (Turton), W.H. Moorhouse (Darwen); W.Y. Hargreaves (Bolton, Captain), T. Bentley (Turton), G. Gledhill (Darwen), Richard Birtwistle (Blackburn Rovers), T. Bury (Darwen), J. Yates (Accrington).
North Wales (2-2-6): G. Glascodine (Oswestry); L.L. Kendrick (Oswestry, Captain), H. Edwards (Wrexham); Knyvett Crosse (Druids), J.H. Jones (Wrexham); J. Roberts (Llangollen), D. Heywood (Oswestry), D. Owen (Oswestry), G. Savin (Oswestry).
The goals: 1-0 Hargreaves (50 min.), 1-1 Heywood (53 min.).

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