The annual dinner for the Everton Quoit club

December 2, 1879
Everton Quoit Club.
The members of this club celebrated the ninth anniversary of their existence by an annual dinner “at home,” in the Grotto, Cabbage Hall, on Tuesday evening. Mr. Griffiths, of Pembroke-place, was the caterer.

The arrangements made by the president, Mr. John Houlding, and the committee, left nothing to be desired. The ground was lighted in a brilliant manner with a number of Chinese lanterns, arranged in a very artistic style in the trees and avenues of the ground, resembling, on a small scale, the scene at a continental fete or ga’a day.

The usual loyal toasts were fully honoured. The president congratulated the members on the continued success of the club, the improvement in the ground, and the very satisfactory result of the matches played by the club during the past season. The following officers were then elected for 1880: –

Mr. John Houlding, president (9th time);
Mr. Arthur Boylett, vice-president;
Mr. J.W. Thomber, captain;
Messrs. G. McWilliam and C. Gregson, sub captains;
Mr. William Maddox, honorary secretary.

Committee: Messrs. T. Mann, J. McVitie, John James Ramsay, W. Boylett, T. Gregson, J. Middleton, William Houlding jun., W. Jenkinson, W. Addison, and W. Kinsey.

Other toasts were given, including “Kindred Clubs,” responded to by President Troughton (Priory). The chairman’s health having been proposed and responded to in a very happy manner, the Evertonians parted at a reasonable hour, after heartily singing “Auld Lang Syne” as usual.
(Liverpool Mercury: December 6, 1879)

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