Mr. Edison and the electric light

Tuesday, December 23 – 1879
Mr. Thomas Edison has perfected an electric lamp of extraordinary simplicity, costing only 25c., with which he propose a general illumination of the village of Menlo Park on New Year’s Eve. He has discovered that a steady brilliant light is obtained by the incandescence of mere carbonised paper better than from any other known substance. Strips of drawing paper in horse-shoe form are placed in a mould and baked at a very high temperature. The charred residum is then attached to the platinum wires and hermetically sealed in a glass globe from which the air has been exhansted. This attached to a wooden stand, or ordinary gas fixture, is the whole lamp. No regulating apparatus is required, the flow of electricity being automatically increase and dimished as the central generating station. A single generating machine of simple construction, and applicable for domestic use, supplies about 50 lamps. The cost of the power is not stated. The quantity of electricity supplied to each householder is measured by the deposit of copper particles in an electrolytic cell.
(Liverpool Mercury (Daily News New York Telegram, 23-12-1879)

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