Prize fight at Everton

Tuesday, January 6 – 1880
Two men resident in Liverpool, who have earned for themselves the questionable distinction of being regarded as “characters,” faced each other in fierce combat on Tuesday, Jan. 6th, in a building in the densely populated district of Everton, which bears a classic name.

They had entertained the one towards the other a deadly hatred, and both resolved to meet with the hope of obtaining physical supremacy. They had arranged to fight with fists in some secluded suburb, but certain gentlemen in whom love of the “manly art” is strong, hearing of their intention, included them to abandon that part of it which related to the locale of the affair.

It was pointed out to the prospective gladiators that they could put money in their pockets, and satisfy their cravings for revenge at the same time, were they to box for £10 a side. It was understood, of course, that the money would be provided, and so delighted were the men with the arrangement that they adopted it.

The preliminaries customary on such occasions having been settled fought. The hall in which they exhibited their powers was engaged for the purposes of a meeting, to “protest against the alleged deterioration of English pluck and endurance.”

Nearly 100 persons gathered round the ring to witness the fight, which lasted only 25 minutes. Very little science was displayed by either combatant, but the pugilist with the Welsh name, who was the most powerful man, obtained the victory in the 21st round. Throughout the progress of the fight the vigilance of the police was eluded and at its close all traces of the combat were carefully obliterated.

About this time two of the best known inspectors of the detective department of the borough force entered the hall, and looked about while the sporting audience was dispersing, but could discover nothing on which they could take action. A considerable sum of money was exchanged in bets on the event.
(Morpeth Herald, 17-01-1880)

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