The Licensed victuallers and their opponents

Thursday, March 4 – 1880
At the monthly meeting of the committee of the Liverpool Licensed Victuallers Association, held yesterday, the chairman, Mr. Raw, congratulated the trade on the return of Mr. Edward Whitley for Liverpool. Mr. Ellis, Capt. Berry, and himself purposed attending at the House of Commons to watch the progress of the local option resolution, and to create as much opposition to it as lay in their power.

In the course of a discussion which followed, Mr. Robinson took exception to the espionage of private detectives, who were instructed to visit the houses of respectable publicans. Mr. Vines condemned the action of the Church of England Temperance Society in wanting to bring forward a bill when there were so many already introduced on the subject, and said that if their conduct was actuated by a desire to fill empty churches, they would not be successful; for want of talent and ability caused the churches to be empty, and Sunday closing would not fill them. Referring to the cocoa rooms, he complained that they were attended by many young people of both sexes, whose conduct was anything but moral, and there were some of these houses in Liverpool which were simply training-schools for prostitution.
(Edinburgh Evening News, 05-03-1880)

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