England v Wales 0-1 (International: February 26, 1881)

February 26, 1881
International: Friendly, at Alexandra Meadows (Blackburn).
England – Wales 0-1 (0-1).
Attendance: 4,200.
Referee: Mr. Segar Bastard (England).
England (2-3-5): John Hawtrey (Remnants), Alf Harvey (Wednesbury Strollers), Arthur Leopold Bambridge (Swifts FC), Fred Hargreaves (Blackburn Rovers), John Hunter (Captain, Sheffield Heeley), Thomas Marshall (Darwen), Tot Rostron (Darwen), George Tait (Birmingham Excelsior), Jimmy Brown (Blackburn Rovers), John Hargreaves (Blackburn Rovers), William Mosforth (The Wednesday).
Wales (2-3-5): Robert McMillan (Shrewsbury Engineers), John Morgan (Captain, Derby School Staff), Samuel Kenrick (Druids), William Williams (Druids), William Bell (Shrewsbury Engineers), William Owen (Ruthin), Thomas Lewis (Wrexham), Knyvett Crosse (Druids), John Price (Wrexham), Uriah Goodwin (Ruthin), John Vaughan (Druids).
The goal: 0-1 Vaughan (34 min.).


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