England v Scotland 1-6 (International: March 12, 1881)

March 12, 1881
International: Friendly, at Kennington Oval (London).
England – Scotland 1-6 (0-1).
Attendance: 8,500.
Referee: Major Marindin.
England (2-3-5): John Hawtrey (Remnants), Edgar Field (Clapham Rovers), Claude Wilson (Oxford University), Norman Coles Bailey (Captain, Clapham Rovers), John Hunter (Sheffield Heeley), George Holden (Wednesbury Old Athletic), Tot Rostron (Darwen), Reginald Macauley (Cambridge University), Clement Mitchell (Upton Park), John Hargreaves (Blackburn Rovers), Edward Charles Bambridge (Swifts F.C.).
Scotland (2-3-5): George Gillespie (Glasgow Rangers), Andrew “Black” Watson (Captain, Queen`s Park), Tom Vallance (Glasgow Rangers), Charles Campbell (Queen`s Park), David Davidson (Queen`s Park), David Hill (Glasgow Rangers), William McGuire (Beith), George Ker (Queen`s Park), Joe Lindsay (Dumbarton), Henry McNeil (Queen`s Park), John Smith (Edinburgh University).
The goals: 0-1 Smith (10 min.), 0-2 Hill (53 min.), 1-2 Bambridge (64 min.), 1-3 Smith (69 min.), 1-4 Ker (74 min.), 1-5 Own goal (Field, 74 min.), 1-6 (Ker (89 min.).


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