The Queen’s Head meeting

Wednesday, April 13 – 1881
The members of the Everton Association Football Club held their second annual supper at the Queen’s Head, Village Street, Everton, on Wednesday evening, at which Mr. John Houlding presided. After supper, the usual loyal toasts were proposed and heartily responded to.

The secretary’s report was then read, from which it appeared that the total number of matches played by the first team was 17; out of which 13 were won, 3 lost, and 1 drawn. The total number of goals taken during the season was 47, goals, lost 11, showing an average of over 4 goals to 1.

Second team number of matches played 18; 11 of which were won, 2 lost, 1 resulting in a tie, and 4 drawn, the goals taken during the season being 31, lost 8; average nearly 4 to 1.

The treasurer produced a satisfactory balance-sheet, showing a surplus. Sub joined are the officers elected for the ensuing season; – President, Mr. John Houlding; Vice-president Mr. W. Lowe; hon sec, and treasure, J. W. Clarke, 22 village-street Everton; Captain of the first team J. McGill, sub-captain T. Evans; captain of the 2 nd team J. Douglas; sub captain W. Jones; Committee Messrs C. Hawthorn, Asbury, T. Marriott, J. Richards, H. Hiles, F. Brettell, R.W. Morris, and A. Provan.

Mr. Houlding in addressing the company, said it was with much pleasure he accepted the invitation to preside at such a festive gathering as that of the Everton Football Association, and after hearing such a favourable account of the doings of the club during the past season it was more pleasing still to address them as their president, a position in which he should at all times be glad to do his utmost for the welfare of the club; and he hoped they would be a successful in the future as they had in the past.

If the members rallied round their committee as they had done during the past season he had no doubt that their success in the future would be as great as, if not greater than, during the past season. After some remarks by members of the club, votes of thanks tendered to the officers of the past season, the chairman and host. The proceedings were interspersed with songs and recitation, the meeting being brought to a close by drinking to the health of the chairman with musical honours.
(The Daily Courier, 15-04-1881)

Note: Story is collected from Billy Smith’s excellent historic website for Everton F.C.

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