The foundation of Everton Bowling Club

Wednesday, June 22 – 1881
A Bowling Club for Everton. – The wonderful growth of Liverpool has had the effect of encroaching upon spots that were formerly used for out-door recreation. Where a few years ago cricket and bowls were played, now stand streets of houses with a vast population, and, in most instances, to “get a bit of green” entails an excursion to the country. Some of the residents of Oakfield, Breck-road, Everton, and district, feeling this, determined to form a bowling club and to obtain a green which would be within an easy distance of their residence. In this they were cordially met by Mr. John Houlding, and now the Everton Bowling Club is established, numbers about 70 members, and has provided one of the best greens in the locality. Mr. Houlding, in building the Sandon Hotel, Oakfield-road, secured a large plot of land at the back, which he has converted into an excellent green. He has also erected a billiard pavilion and salon opening on to the ground, the design of which is on the continental plan. The club has as its president Mr. C.W. Boote; Mr. Hall, vice president, and Mr. Kinsey, honorary secretary. The members of the club and their friends celebrated the opening by a tea at the Sandon Hotel, on Wednesday. Mr. Boote presided, and the company was numerous. Amongst the toasts were “Success to the Everton Bowling Club,” “The President,” “The Vice Presidents,” and “The Honorary Secretary and Treasurer.” The health of Mr. John Houlding was also most enthusiastically given.
(Liverpool Mercury, 24-06-1881)

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