Everton F.C.: The annual meeting of 1882

May 10, 1882
The annual general meeting of this club was held last Wednesday, at the Sandon Hotel, Liverpool, John Houlding, Esq., presiding, there being also a large number of members present.

The secretary’s report showed the club to be in a very prosperous condition. The first eleven had played 22 matches, won 17, drawn 3, and lost 2. Goals taken, 70; goals lost 17. The second eleven had played 10 matches, won 6, drawn 3, and lost 1. Goals taken, 15; lost 8.

The following officers were then elected for next season:
President: John Houlding, Esq.
Vice-presidents: Messrs. Arthur Boylett, John C. Brooks, W. Lowe, and Robert Wilson.
Secretaries and treasurers: Tom Evans (28, Faraday Street, Liverpool) and Frank Brettell.

1st Eleven, Robert Morris and Tom Marriott (sub);
“A” team, John Williams;
2nd eleven, J. Douglas.

Committee: G. Bell, Jack McGill, J. Richards, William Gibson, A. Provan, E. Watson, W. Jones, William Parry, and D.H. Williams.
(Athletic News: May 17, 1882)


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