Federation of association clubs

Monday, October 16 – 1882
Sir- I have read with pleasure the letter of “Goalkeeper” on the subject of forming a district federation of the Association football clubs in Liverpool. I agree with him on every point, and hope that steps may be at once taken in this matter. I do not see what there is to prevent an association being formed. When Mr. Houlding asked the Everton secretary to arrange two matches in Whit-week for the benefit of the Stanley-Hospital fund, the appeal was promptly respondent to by all the association football clubs in Liverpool. Although this idea of forming a federation or association is not the same, yet the object is identical. Another reason why this idea should be supported by local Associationists is that a series of well-conducted competitions would bring the Association game so prominently before the public, and especially of gentlemen connected with our public institutions, that it would be the very means of doing what all Liverpool Associationists wish –popularize the game, for, as everyone knows, it is yet in its infancy in Liverpool, and needs a further medium for development. If the plan adopted in arranging the Whit-week matches were followed, the scheme would soon assume a tangible shape. The secretary and another members from each club met and discussed the matter. A committee was appointed and the services of an able secretary having been secured, the project was carried out successfully. If such a plan should be thought possible, I shall be most happy to do my share of the work, which, I am sure, is not of a formidable character. Hoping that the suggestion made by “Goalkeeper” will receive further attention, I remain, etc,

F. Brettell, Hon. Sec, Everton F.C., 91, Gregson-street, Oct 16, 1882.
(The Daily Courier, 17-10-1882)

Note: Story is collected from Billy Smith’s excellent historic website for Everton F.C.

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