Bootle v Liverpool Ramblers 3-1 (Liverpool Cup Final: April 14, 1883)

April 14, 1883
Match: Liverpool Cup, Final, at Liverpool College Ground.
Bootle – Liverpool Ramblers 3-1 (1-1).
Bootle (2-3-5): S.W. Jones, Robert Sloane, C. Evans, J.W. Rogers, C.H. Allsopp, Fred Owen, Albert Allsopp, J.E. Grayson, Butler, Rod Ashton, Fred Corey.
Liverpool Ramblers (2-3-5): J. Heald (Shrewsbury and Cambridge), B. Ismay (Harrow), G.W. Turner (Edinburgh University), R.M. Pilkington (Eton), A.R. Midwood (Wellington), E. Stewart-Brown (Harrow and Cambridge), C. Baxter (Captain, Eton), Harold Baxter (Eton and Oxford), C.H.T. Metcalf (Harrow and Oxford), W. Rayner (Charterhouse), W.E. Earle (Eton).
The goals: 1-0 Ashton, 1-1 Metcalf, 2-1 Ashon, 3-1 Ashton.


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