South v North 4-2 (International trial: January 26, 1884)

January 26, 1884
Match: International trial, at Kennington Oval, kick-off: 14:45.
South – North 4-2 (2-1).
Attendance: 2,000.
Referee: Major Marindin (the FA); umpires: Messrs. C.H.R. Wollaston (Wanderers) and W. Pierce Dix (the FA).
South (2-2-6): W.C. Rose (Swifts), P.J. de Paravicini (Old Etonians), Arthur Melmoth Walters (Old Carthusians), Norman Coles Bailey (Clapham Rovers), C.P, Wilson (Hendon), Cecil Holden White (Clapham Rovers), Arthur Leopold Bambridge (Swifts), C. Mitchell (Upton Park), K.P. Wilson (Hendon), Edward Charles Bambridge (Swifts), William Nevill Cobbold (Old Carthusians).
North (2-2-6): Robert John Roberts (West Bromwich), Joseph Beverley (Blackburn Rovers), Alfred Thomas Carrick Dobson (Notts County), John Hudson (The Wednesday), S. Macres (Notts County), E. Jessop (Notts County), William Gunn (Notts County), D.E. Cowley (Sheffield), Edward Johnson (Stoke), Henry Alfred Cursham (Captain, Notts County), James “Jemmy” Brown (Blackburn Rovers).
The goals: 1-0 K.P. Wilson (10 min.), 2-0 A.L. Bambridge (30 min.), 2-1 Brown, 3-1 A.L. Bambridge, 4-1 A.L. Bambridge, 4-2 Cursham.