Liverpool and District F.A.: The annual meeting of 1884

June 12, 1884
Last evening, the annual general meeting of members of the Liverpool and District Football Association was held in the Neptune Hotel, Clayton square, for the purpose of transacting business and presenting the Challenge Cup to the Everton Club, with silver medals to each of the players in the final tie. There was a large attendance of members. Mr. John Houlding, one of the vice presidents, was called upon to preside. A formed vote of thanks was passed to the officers of the association, the hon. treasurer (Mr. Edwin Berry), and the hon. secretary (Mr. R. E. Lythgoe). Subsequently, Mr. Thomas Evans, chairman of the committee of the association, asked Mr. Houlding, as chairman of the Everton Club to accept the Challenge Cup. He said it was a source of great pleasure to himself and the others members of the committee that the association had been able to acquire such a beautiful and valuable cup, and he hoped it would be the means of promoting greater interest in the game in the district. He was glad to say that during the past year improvement had been made in the play, and more interest had been evinced than forlornly in the various competitions. Mr. Houlding, in accepting the cup, said that he was glad that the first time it had been won it had been carried off by the Everton Club (Applause). No doubt the other clubs of the association would not allow them to keep it long –at any rate they would, no doubt, all strive for the possession of it, and it would change hands occasionally (Applause). Referring to his recent visit to the Continent, he said he had seen nothing there of such games as were played in England, and which he believed were conductive to building up the stamina for which Englishmen were noted all over the world. (Applause) He hoped the association would go on and prosper, and that they would always be as flourishing a condition, financially and otherwise, as they were in at the present time. (Applause) Mr. Houlding then presented silver medals to eleven of the members of the Earlestown Club who played in the final tie. The names of the winners of the cup, who received goal-centred medals are; – Messrs. C. M. Lindsay, R. W. Morris, T. Marriott, W. Parry, J. Preston, J. Pickering, M. Higgins, W. Gibson, J. McGill, D. H. Williams, and E. Berry. Formal business connected with the association was afterwards transacted.
(Source: Liverpool Courier: June 13, 1884)

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