The foundation of the Lincoln City Football Club

Thursday, June 26 – 1884
At a meeting called by S. Bainbridge, Esq., J.P., and Mr. W. Mortimer at the Monson Arms Hotel, on Thursday evening, there was a tolerably large attendance of persons interested in football. Mr. Sharpley Bainbridge was voted to the chair. After some discussion it was decided to establish a club to be called the “City Football Club.” The following players have in their names as willing to join the club: – Messrs. Trafford, Mason, White, Bowen, Morton, O. Barrett, E.A. Cousans, Tweed (Lindum); Thorpe, Harrison, Strawson, Andrews, Doncaster, Delaney, C.H. Newsum, Cannon, D. Clarke, Finnigan, E. Teasdale (Rovers); Smalley, Coupland, and Brown (St. Nicholas). The meeting was then adjourned until next Thursday night, at eight o’clock, when a committee of management of the club will be appointed, rules adopted, and the subscription decided upon.
(Lincolnshire Chronicle, 04-07-1884)

Lincolnshire Chronicle, June 20 – 1884.
Lincoln City 1884 I

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