A grumble from Walton Breck

September 10, 1884
To the editor of the Liverpool Echo.

Sir, – Some two or three weeks ago I noticed a letter in your paper respecting the state the roads are in the new streets built at the end of Walton Breck-road and Sleeper’s Hill. At present the houses are tenanted by an excellent class of tenants, but there will assuredly be many “to let” if the approaches are not soon taken in hand. It is simply scandalous the way in which the roads are left, especially as in the whole block of property (Sleeper’s-hill) there is hardly an unoccupied house.

It is absolutely dangerous at night-time, and as the winter approaches and the mornings are dark it will be equally bad morning and evening. No lamps are provided, and the recent rains have rendered the place a perfect quagmire. Trusting something will soon be done to remedy the existing state of affairs, and thanking you in anticipation for your courtesy in ventilating it, your, &c., A RESIDENT.
Walton-breck, Sept. 7, 1884.
(Liverpool Echo: September 10, 1884)