Garstang poultry and dog show

Saturday, November 22 – 1884
The fifth annual exhibition in connection with the Garstang Poultry and Dog show Association was opened on Saturday and continued on Monday. It was of such man extensive character that to get the exhibition in one building was quite impracticable, and while the dogs were in the Market House and the bulk of the poultry in the Town Hall, a portion of the latter, including the game classes, were shown in the Institute.

There was in all about 550 entries, as against 586 last year, and 520 in 1882. Dogs numbered 106, being 30 less than at last year’s exhibition. There were about 356 entries of poultry and eggs, a similar number to last year, and 88 pens of pigeons. The association offered prizes amounting to £80, and with the exception of a few poultry classes which were confined to the Garstang Union the competitions were open to the United Kingdom. All the arrangements had been exceedingly well carried out by a local committee, with Mr. James S. Storey, of Garstang, as secretary, and the show generally was very successful.

The list of prizes:

Special Prizes. – St Bernard dog: 1, E. Hodgson, Beverley; 2 and v h c, C. Dobson; 3, W.E. Barclay, Liverpool; v h c, A.H. Megson, h c, W. Garnett, Quernmore.
St Bernard bitch: 1, E. Hodgson; 2 and v h c, T. Bowling; 3, A. King, Bleasdale; v h c, W.E. Barclay.

(Lancaster Gazette, 29-11-1884)

Now, why on earth have I published this article, you may wonder? The answer is of course in the result list and W.E. Barclay. I suspect it is our first hon. secretary, William Barclay. And, if it is – take a look at the team picture of Liverpool for 1893-94 season. At the front, to the right of Mr. John Houlding. A smaller man, with a dog. Can that be William Barclay on the picture?

Liverpool 1893 1894


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