Scottish football and professionalism

December 10, 1884
At a meeting of the Sub Committee on Professionalism of the S.F.A. it was decided to send each of the players who have left Scotland to play football in England a copy of the following letter: –

“Dear Sir, –
Your name has been brought under the notice of the Sub Committee of this association on professionalism as having left a club belonging to their body, and that you are now playing with a club outside of their jurisdiction. They have therefore to inform you that under Rule 14 (and bye-laws pertaining thereto) of the constitution, you cannot again play with any club within their jurisdiction without their permission. – Yours respectfully,
John McDowall, Secretary.”

Name Scotch Club from English Club to
Belger, J. South Western Preston North End
Bonnar, Jas. Thornliebank Accrington
Bone, George Kilmarnock Athletic Halliwell
Brogan, James Heart of Midlothian Bolton Wanderers
Barnett, G. St. Bernards Preston North End
Caulfield, Dan. Johnstone Athletic Burnley
Connell Mauchline Church
Crawford Mauchline Church
Douglas, J. Renfrew Blackburn Rovers
Drummond, G. St. Bernards Preston North End
Douglas, G. Heart of Midlothian Preston Zingari
Douglas, T. Heart of Midlothian Preston Zingari
Friel, Dan. Vale of Leven Burnley
Ferguson, J. Heart of Midlothian Preston North End
Gordon, John Port Glasgow Athletic Preston North End
Graham, John Annbank Preston North End
Goodhall, J. Kilmarnock Athletic Great Lever
Gallacher, Patrick Johnstone Rovers Padiham
Hay, David Kilmarnock Athletic Great Lever
Houston, A. Kilmarnock Athletic Halliwell
Hamilton, A. Kilmarnock Great Lever
Harper, Jas. Beith Blackburn Rovers
Hunter, Archd. Ayr Aston Villa
Inglis, John Ayr Great Lever
Kennedy, J. Third Lanark Bolton Wanderers
Logan, Peter Vale of Leven Burnley
Lucas, James Kilmarnock Great Lever
McIntyre, Hugh Rangers Blackburn Rovers
McLintock, Alex Vale of Leven Burnley
McAuley, J. Arthurlie Burnley
McCare, J. Vale of Leven Burnley
McFitridge, W. Thornliebank Padiham
McConnell, Wm. Johnstone Rovers Padiham
McBeth, R. St. Bernards Accrington
McKinnon, J. Hibernians Bolton Wanderers
McWhirter, A. Kilmarnock Halliwell
Pettigrew, James Kilmarnock Athletic Halliwell
Robertson, A. St. Bernards Preston North End
Ross, N. Heart of Midlothian Preston North End
Ross, J. Heart of Midlothian Preston North End
Russell St’wtn, Cunninghaine Preston North End
Ronaldson, W. Heart of Midlothian Burnley
Renwick, J. Heart of Midlothian Preston Zingari
Ross, David Hurlford Halliwell
Richmond, James Kilmarnock Portland Darwen
Richmond, Hugh Kilmarnock Portland Darwen
Suter, F. Partick Blackburn Rovers
Struthers, W. Rangers Bolton Wanderers
Steel, J. Arbroath Bolton Wanderers
Stevenson, John Arthurlie Accrington
Scotland, J. Heart of Midlothian Preston Zingari
Shields, John Johnstone Athletic Burnley
Scobie, William Hurlford Halliwell
Thompson, Samuel Lugar Boswell Preston North End
Waugh, D. Northern Great Lever
Webster, Archd. Kilbarchan Burnley
Walkinshaw, J. Kilmarnock Athletic Great Lever

(Nottingham Evening Post: December 10, 1884)

James Brogan, Bolton Wanderers (Lloyd’s Weekly News: November 15, 1891):


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