Luton Wanderers become Luton Town

Saturday, January 13 – 1885
A general meeting of the Luton Wanderers was held in the St. Matthew’s schools, Havelock-road, on January 13, by kind permission of the Vicar, when a large attendance of members passed the following resolutions, viz., 1, That the name of the Club be altered from the Luton Wanderers to the Luton Town Club; 2, That a benefit match be played on Saturday, January 31, in Dallow-lane, the proceeds to be given to the funds of the Luton Town Cricket Club; 3, That two delegates be appointed to attend a meeting of the Football Association in London, on January 19; a vote of thanks was unanimously passed to the vicar (the Rev. W. Hind), for his kind permission in lending the above schools for the purpose of the meeting also a vote of thanks was given to the chairman, Mr. R. Ford, for his services of the evening, after which the meeting separated.
(Luton Times, 16-01-1885)

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