England v Ireland 4-0 (International: February 28, 1885)

February 28, 1885
Match: International, British Championship, at Whalley Range (Manchester); kick-off: 15:35.
England ā€“ Ireland 4-0 (1-0).
Attendance: 6,000.
Referee: Mr. T. Lawrie (Scottish FA); umpires: Messrs. C.H.R. Wollaston (Wanderers) and J. McAlery (Irish FA).
England (2-3-5): Herbie Arthur (Blackburn Rovers), Arthur Melmoth Walters (Cambridge University), Percy Melmoth Walters (Oxford University), Norman Coles Bailey (Captain, Old Westminsters), James Forrest (Blackburn Rovers), Joe Lofthouse (Blackburn Rovers), Benjamin Ward Spilsbury (Cambridge University), James Brown (Blackburn Rovers), Francis Pawson (Swifts F.C.), William Nevill Cobbold (Cambridge University), Charles Bambridge (Swifts F.C.).
Ireland (2-3-5): Jack Henderson (Ulster), George Hewison (Moyola Park), Frederick Moorhead (Dublin University), Thomas Molyneux (Cliftonville), William Houston (Moyola Park), William Eames (Dublin University), William McWha (Cliftonville), John Davison (Captain, Cliftonville), John Gibb (Wellington Park), George Magee (Wellington Park), Alexander Dill (Cliftonville).
The goals: 1-0 Bambridge (43 min.), 2-0 Spilsbury (75 min.), 3-0 Own goal (Eames, 77 min.), 4-0 Brown.


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