Correspondence: The Everton Football Club

Tuesday, September 22 – 1885
To the Editor of the Athletic News.
Si. – I take the liberty of drawing your attention to the accommodation provided by the Everton Football Club for their members and visitors to change their clothes, &c., which is in a public-house some 200 yards’ distant from the ground.

With all due respect to the proprietor of the hotel in question, who, as we all know, is a very good friend to the club, I think that if a pavilion was erected on the ground, say at one of the Anfield-road corners, it would meet with approval and approbation of all the members, and would most certainly give great satisfaction to many of their visitors who, being athletic men, abstain from touching intoxicants, and who naturally object to have the temptation placed under their noses in the manner it is.

I may remark that the acknowledged champion of the club prefers to dress himself in football costume at his residence (about five minutes’ walk from the grounds) rather than make use of the before-mentioned tavern.

I hope that the club committee will seriously take this matter into consideration, and that out of the ample gate money taken some portion may be set aside for the erection of a suitable pavilion, at which item of expense I am sure the club auditor will not see the necessity of calling special meeting of the club to pass the account,

Should this letter succeed in drawing the attention of the club officials to this important subject, and should they decide upon having a pavilion, I feel sure that they will give great satisfaction to many, who, like myself, may be an occasional.
(The Athletic News, 22-09-1885, signed Visitor).

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