South v North 3-0 (International trial: January 30, 1886)

January 30, 1886
Match: International trial, at Kennington Oval, kick-off: 14:55.
South v North 3-0 (0-0).
Attendance: 2,000.
Referee: Major Marandin (the FA); umpires: Messrs. Nicholas Lane Jackson (London FA) and R.P. Gregson (Lancashire FA).
South (2-3-5): Harry Swepstone (Pilgrims), Percy Melmoth Walters (Old Carthusians), Arthur Melmoth Walters (Old Carthusians), Norman Coles Bailey (Captain, Old Westminster), Andrew Amos (Old Carthusians), Ralph Tyndall Squire (Old Westminster), Edward Charles Bambridge (Swifts), William Nevill Cobbold (Old Carthusians), R.C. Guy (Old Foresters), George Brann (Swifts), Cecil Henry Holden-White (Corinthians).
North (2-3-5): Billy Rose (Preston North End), Bob Howarth (Preston North End), Dick Baugh (Stafford Road), G. Howarth (Accrington), G. Strutt (Stoke), James Forrest (Blackburn Rovers), William Gunn (Notts County), R. Robinson (Spilsby), Tinsley Lindley (Nottingham Forest), John Leighton (Nottingham Forest), Fred Dewhurst (Preston North End).
The goals: 1-0 Brann (65 min.), 2-0 Cobbold (65 min.), 3-0 Squire.

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