Wales v Ireland 5-0 (International: February 27, 1886)

February 27, 1886
International: British Championship, at The Racecourse (Wrexham).
Wales – Ireland 5-0 (1-0).
Attendance: 700.
Referee: Mr. Richard Gregson (England); umpires: Messrs. W.H. Gough (Oswestry) and Hugh Mulholland (Lisburn).
Wales (2-3-5): Albert Hersee (Bangor), Bob Roberts (Wrexham Olympic), Seth Powell (Oswestry), John Vaughan (Rhyl), William Bell (Crewe Alexandra), Humphrey Jones (Captain, Bangor), Bill Roberts (Wrexham Olympic), Job Wilding (Wrexham Olympic), Richard Hersee (Llandudno Swifts), Herbert Sisson (Wrexham Olympic), Thomas Bryan (Oswestry).
Ireland (2-3-5): Shaw Gillespie (Hertford), James Watson (Captain, Ulster), Edward Whitfield (Trinity College), Thomas Molyneux (Cliftonville), William Crone (Distillery), Alex McArthur (Distillery), John McClatchey (Distillery), James Williams (Ulster), Richard Smyth (Trinity College), John Lemon (Glentoran), Edward Roper (Trinity College).
The goals: 1-0 W. Roberts (33 min.), 2-0 Wilding, 3-0 Hersee, 4-0 W. Roberts, 5-0 Sisson.


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