Rioting at the football ground

Saturday, March 6 – 1886
On Friday, a number of placards were exhibited in Liverpool announcing that 100 men were required to clear away the snow from the Everton Football Club ground at Walton Breck-road, on Saturday morning, where a match was to take place between Everton and Stanley.

The prospect of employment, although temporary, attracted several hundreds of men to the ground on Saturday morning, and a struggle took place for precedence. As soon as 100 men had been “taken on,” the others were informed that no more were required. This naturally raised the ire of those not selected, and they commence to snowball the hired men. A serious disturbance being apprehended, the city and county authorities were communicated with.

By instruction from the Head Constable, Chief Superintendent Hancox, Inspectors Hassall, Taylor, and Simpson, and 20 constables were sent in cabs about ten o’clock, and on arriving at the football ground, it was found that a disturbance was taking place. Fortunately the police were enabled in a few minutes to disperse the combatants before anyone had been seriously injured. A number of county police also arrived to render assistance it needed.
(Liverpool Mercury, 08-03-1886)

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