Everton F.C.: The annual meeting of 1886

June 21, 1886
Everton Association FC.
This club held their annual meeting at headquarters, Sandon Hotel, Oakfield Road, Liverpool, on the 21st inst., there being a large attendance. John Houlding, Esq., C.C. occupied the chair, and was re-elected president by acclamation.

Reports were read and passed, and the chairman congratulated the members upon a very successful season and the great progress made by the club. Messrs. Roberts, Ellis, and J.O. Williams were added to the list of vice-presidents. Messrs. T. Higgins and F. Brettell having, through pressure of other engagements, resigned their positions as honorary secretary and assistant, the chairman expressed the great regret of himself and the club at losing officers so valuable.

Messrs. A. Nisbet and W.R. Gurley were elected honorary secretary and assistant: Messrs. W. Marriott and J. Gunning were re-elected honorary treasurer and assistant; Messrs. G. Dobson and W. Parry were elected captain and sub-captain of team; and Messrs. W. Brown and F. Parry were elected captain and sub-captain of “Swifts” team.

The chairman then presented Mr. W. Gunning with a gold chain and locket, suitably inscribed, as a slight acknowledgment of his services as umpire to the club, and as a token of the club’s regret at his departure from their neighbourhood.

The following committee was elected:
Messrs. Frank Brettell, J. Brown, Thomas Evans, G. Fleming, T. Higgins, R. Morris, J. Pritchard, J. Richards and J. Williams.
(Athletic News: June 29, 1986)


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