North v South 4-2 (International trial: January 22, 1887)

January 22, 1887
Match: International trial, at Aston Lower Grounds (Birmingham), kick-off: 14:45.
North – South 4-2 (2-2).
Attendance: 1,000.
Referee: Mr. C. Crump (Birmingham FA); umpires: Messrs. M.P. Betts (Old Harrovians) and R.J. Smith (Derbyshire FA)
North (2-3-5): Bob Roberts (West Bromwich), Thomas Clare (Stoke), G. Wardle (Leek), G. Howarth (Accrington), Charles Shelton (Notts Rangers), James Forrest (Captain, Blackburn Rovers), James Sayer (Stoke), C. Shaw (Walsall Town), Tinsley Lindley (Nottingham Forest), T. Green (West Bromwich), Lewis Cooper (Derby County).
South (2-3-5): William Robert Moon (Old Westminsters), Percy Melmoth Walters (Old Carthusians), Arthur Melmoth Walters (Old Carthusians), Andrew Amos (Old Carthusians), Norman Coles Bailey (Old Westminsters), Ralph Tyndall Squire (Old Westminsters), George Huth Cotterill (Old Brightonians), Arthur Tempest Blakiston Dunn (Old Etonians), R.C. Guy (Old Foresters), Edward Charles Bambridge (Swifts), William Nevill Cobbold (Old Carthusians).
The goals: 1-0 Green (1 min.), 1-1 Guy (15 min.), 2-1 Shaw (40 min.), 2-2 Cobbold (43 min.), 3-2 Cooper (60 min.), 4-2 Sayer (87 min.).

William Robert Moon (Denbigshire Free Press: October 26, 1895).

Arthur Tempest Blakiston Dunn, Old Etonians (Lloyd’s Weekly News: April 10, 1892):