To the editor of the Liverpool Courier (re the ground)

Friday, December 9 – 1887
Sir – I beg leave to endorse the statement made by “An Evertonians” re the suspension of the above club in your issue of today. Now, I should like to make a few remarks regarding charges made.

I being one among some thousands of others a constant spectators, therefore a weekly supporter of our local champions. I do think the heads of the department are coming it rather strong when they make an extra charge as on Saturday last of 3d per head on the recently erected stand at the Breckfield road end of the ground, which piece of furniture I consider was well paid for last season.

Therefore I do not think they are treating their main supporters (the British workman) anything like fairly, considering that it is by us poor men they have been raised to the position in which they stood up to last Monday evening.

It was one of the first clubs in the country, and taking these exceedingly hard times into consideration surely the British workman should have some favour shown him, if ever so little.

Of course we are only too pleased to be honoured with the presence of our local chiefs, but what about the eximson covered seats for them to rest upon, in connection with the this 3d extra for the stand referred to?

Poor B.W. must suffer no matter what the times are.
–Yours, &C, A Lover of Fairness. December 9, 1887.
(Liverpool Courier, 10-12-1887)

Everton, Anfield.

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