London v Birmingham 0-5 (Inter City: February 4, 1888)

February 4, 1888
Match: Inter City, at Kennington Oval (London), kick-off: 15:00.
London – Birmingham 0-5 (0-3).
Referee: Major Marindin (The F.A.); Umpires: Messrs. R.A. Ogilvie (London) and S. Durban (Birmingham).
London (2-3-5): A.C.S. Stone (Old Brigthonians), C.A. Le Donian (London Caldedonians), H. Lindsay (Old St. Paul’s), R.B. Johnson (Old Foresters), Norman Coles Bailey (Old Westminsters), J.L. Nickinson (Crusaders), Arthur Tempest Blakiston Dunn (Old Etonians), A.C. Nixon (Casuals), Walter Henry Ainger (Old Carthusians), A.C.W. Jenner (Old Westminsters), J. Burns (London Caledonians).
Birmingham (2-3-5): Chris Charsley (Small Heath), Frank Coulton (Aston Villa), Gershom Cox (Aston Villa), Ezra Horton (West Bromwich), Charles Perry (West Bromwich), Arthur Lowder (Wolves), Billy Bassett (West Bromwich), Jack Devey (Mitchell St. George’s), Jem Bayliss (Captain, West Bromwich), Tom Pearson (West Bromwich).
The goals: 0-1 Pearson, 0-2 ?, 0-3 Bayliss, 0-4 Pearson, 0-5 Bassett.

Arthur Tempest Blakiston Dunn, Old Etonians (Lloyd’s Weekly News: April 10, 1892):

Jack Devey, Mitchell St. George’s (Lloyd’s Weekly News: March 24, 1895):


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