Changes at Preston North End

August 3, 1888
The advent of the coming football season will see a change in the composition of the North End football team.

N.J. Ross, who for some time has been dissatisfied, early this week intimated his desire to join the ranks of the Everton team. He was at once informed that if he could improve his position the North End would not stand in his way.

Accordingly he made the journey to Everton, and signed an agreement to play with that club, attaching only the proviso that North End would cancel the registration form he had signed with them some time previous.

This Mr. Sudell and his committee are quite willing to do, so that it may now be taken for granted that Nicholas John has played his last at Deepdale, except as a visitor.

The composition of the team for the ensuing season, which commence on the 1st prox., has been the subject of considerable surmise. Supporters of the club may rest satisfied that the loss will be overcome. The eleven will be: – Trainer, goal; Howarth and Holmes, backs; Russell, Graham, and another, half backs; Gordon and J. Ross, right wing; John Goodall, centre; Dewhurst and Drummond, left wing.

Thomson will remain in Preston, and act as reserve forward. The new half back is to be an amateur, a first-rater, but at present we are precluded from mentioning his name.

There is no foundation for the rumour that Jimmy Ross is also about to join the Everton ranks.
(Lancashire Evening Post: August 3, 1888)

Jimmy Trainer, Preston North End.

John Goodall, Derby County (Lloyd’s Weekly News: April 2, 1893):


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