League matches

Bolton Wanderers v Derby County 3-6 (League match: September 8, 1888)

September 8, 1888
Match: Football League, at Pikes Lane, kick-off: 15:40.
Bolton Wanderers – Derby County 3-6 (3-4).
Attendance: 3,000.
Bolton Wanderers (2-3-5): Charlie Harrison; Bethel Robinson, John Mitchell; Bob Roberts, Davie Weir, Peter Bullough; Kenny Davenport, John Milne, Thomas Coupar, Alec Barbour, James Brogan.
Derby County (2-3-5): Joe Marshall; Arthur Latham, Archie Ferguson; Albert Williamson, Isaac Monks, Walter Roulstone; George Bakewell, Lewis Cooper, Sandy Higgins, Harry Plackett, Lol Plackett.
The goals: 1-0 Brogan (2 min.), 2-0 Davenport (4 min.), 3-0 Brogan (9 min.), 3-1 L. Plackett, 3-2 L. Plackett (20 min.), 3-3 Bakewell, 3-4 Cooper, 3-5 Own goal (Harrison), 3-6 Bakewell.
** Some newspaper reports claim Davenport scored the 1st goal for Wanderers, and others that Harrison’s own goal was credited to Bakewell.

Match report from the Sheffield Daily Telegraph, Monday, September 10 – 1888.
1888 Bolton Wanderers v Derby County 1

James Brogan, Bolton Wanderers (Lloyd’s Weekly News: November 15, 1891):


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