The birth of Sheffield United Football Club

Friday, March 22 – 1889
At a meeting of the Sheffield United Cricket Club held last evening, an important decision was arrived at. It was resolved to undertake the organisation of a football professional team for next season. This is entirely a new departure, but no pains will be spared to secure the services of first-class players, and it is hoped to be able to get together a combination equal to anything in the country. The club in future will be known as the Sheffield United Cricket and Football Club.
(Sheffield Independent, 23-03-1889)

Sheffield Daily Telegraph, March 23 – 1889.
Sheffield United 1889


    1. Hi James,

      I wish I could definitely say I know, but I cannot. There are though sources that can help you. I found this one that might say something:

      Also, I checked the companies house records, and they also suggest a name change in 1974. You can buy a copy of these documents from the Companies House. I have one that is for Liverpool F.C. (so I can guarantee that you get what you pay for).

      Go to:
      * Click on the bar that is called “Find information”.
      * Click on the link in the middle of the page that says “WebCHeck”.
      * Click on “Access WebCHeck”.
      * Under “Company name” or “Company number” type into the “Company number” field the following number: 61564, and click “search”.

      You will now have in-front of you all available information from Sheffield United at the Companies House. But note that from now, if you want to purchase any documents, you need to register. It is a simple procedure, takes a few minutes.

      * On the right hand side there is a tab called “Order information about this company” – click the tab.
      * Scroll to the bottom, and see under the last line reading “Director appointed Trevor Birch” there is a tab called “More” – click the tab.
      * Scroll again to the bottom, and click “More” again.
      * On the third document from the bottom, you will see an entry on 04/02/1974 called “Company name changed”. I cannot guarantee, but I feel certain, that this document holds the answer of the change of name to just “the Sheffield United Football Club”. The document cost £1, and can be paid by either Paypal or card.

      I hope this helps, and please let me know if you find the answer.

      PS: It can also be worth purchasing the bottom two documents as well. Loads of history in them.

      Best regards,


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