Everton F.C.: The annual meeting of 1889

June 6, 1889
The annual general meeting of the above club was held last evening at the brilliant rooms of the Sandon Hotel. Mr. Councillor John Houlding was in the chair, and about two hundred members were present.

The secretary report was the first item on the list and after Sir Barclay had waded through a long written speech, a resolution was adopted thanking him for his services in obtaining the passing of the rule allowing the immediate registration of Scotch and other players.

The item of interest now came on-viz, the treasurer reports, and amid deep interest and attention. Mr. Wilson read his balance sheet of which, the following is an account: – Receipts-Balance in hand (June 1889 £17 3s 11d) gate receipts up to May 31, 1889. £4328 13s 1d; members subscription, £148 4s. Amount received for advertising on boarding (Less £8 returned for infringement agreements) £18, insurance allowance (Alec Dick and Costley) £6; total £4,511 1s.

Payments: – players wages; £1,144 14s 6d; travelling expenses £408, 17s.2d; insurance’s of players £20 16s, medical expanses £18 6s; special account £60 15s; general expanses £40 12s; 6d, training expenses £23 13s 6d; trainers wages £55 15s; materials; £60 15s; 3d. Referee £48 14s; 1d; ground maintains; £970 10s 10d; groundsmen’s wages £37 1s; rent £150; rates and taxes £29 2s 3d; police £74 14s 1d; commission £170 5s 10d; printing and stationary £96 9s 4d; advertising £61 11s; 7d; postage and telegrams £29 18s; 7d; visiting clubs £966 18s; 6d; entertainment etc; £17 15s; deputation expenses A. Dick £5; 4s, bank interest 10s; cash in hand (banks £8 14s 6d; treasurer £5 8s 3d), £14 2d 9d; total £618 1s.

The account were certified by Messrs. R.H. Webster, and W. Henderson, but after they had been audited a bill for £38 1s 4d was presented which, when settled, will leave the club in debt to the amount of £23 18s 7d.

After several pointed and searching questions had been asked in reference to above, the Chairman stated that the balance-sheet had been subjected to a close and critical examination by reliable auditors, and therefore upon a proposition he would declare the balance sheet passed.

The following officers were than elected: –
President Mr. John Houlding; vice president (on committee); Messrs. William Barclay and Thomas Howarth, secretary Messrs; Jackson and Richard Moyneux, treasurers; and Messrs Edwin Berry, Brooke, Fleming, Coates, Williams, William Clayton, and Frank Currier, members of committee.
(Source: Liverpool Daily Post: June 7, 1889)

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